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Phyllis & Ray Smith Avon Independent Rep

Phyllis & Ray Smith
Avon Independent Representatives

My name is Phyllis. I’ve been an Avon representative for 10 years. My husband, Ray, joined me after he retired. I started my business with the goal of earning extra money to help my youngest daughter go to Japan for a month as an exchange student. She needed $3,000 to cover her expenses.

We didn’t have any extra money, so when someone approached me about becoming an Avon representative, I signed up. Even though the day I signed up for Avon was the last I saw of that Avon rep (she never called me nor answered my phone calls after that),  I was determined to make my business grow and be successful. I attended our district meetings and learned about the business from my district sales manager. My first year I reached the President’s Club sales level and was named best new performer of the year in my district. I also reached my goal of earning the money I needed to help my daughter go to Japan. I realized I had a nice little business going, so I decided to keep at it.

I’ve been performing at President’s Club sales level or higher for 10 years and have reached the level of Bronze Leader in team building. I have more than 40 team members and more than $8,000 per campaign in team sales.

Being an Avon representative has helped me do many things I could not afford otherwise. Since I was a stay-at-home mom and homeschool mother, we had to survive on my husband’s income alone. But with my Avon earnings, I’ve been able to do things like rent a beach house for the week for a family reunion, buy a laptop computer for my husband, pay off bills, and buy Christmas gifts for my kids and grandkids. And, of course, I have all the Avon products I need or want at a discount!

After my 93- year-old father came to live with us, my business had to change. I needed to be home to prepare meals at regular times. So I decided in 2016 to work on growing my online Avon business. Since then, I have seen a steady increase in my online sales. My goal was to have at least $200 in online sales each campaign. In November of 2016 I reached my goal. Now my goal is to keep growing this side of my business.

Building a team has been harder for me since I live in a small town of around 2,000 people. Another goal of mine is to reach out to people online who want to start a home-based business.

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